A Taste of Things to Come ….

Over the past three weeks at Ipswich Museum, Gainsborough’s House and the Museum of East Anglian Life we have been making clothes and accessories from paper.

We have been exploring many different ways to manipulate paper so that it behaves as fabric.  The items of clothing made all reveal a part of ourselves, they tell a little bit of our story.

Here are a couple of pieces by John and Wendy, the wonderful, amazing photos are taken by John (our now official Art In Mind photographer),  taken at the Museum of East Anglian Life this week.

boots on steps boots woodland walk dungs barn door dungs in the window

About Juliet Lockhart

Juliet Lockhart is an artist, educator and writer working predominately in fabric, paper and with found objects. She has a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Literature and Creative Writing. The focus of her work is story. She is interested in folk and fairy tales, the stories hidden beneath our landscape entwined with personal memory, history and happenings and the stories that shape us into who we are. She is the founder and artistic director of a Suffolk charity, Lockarts. Lockarts uses the power of the creative process to make a real difference to people’s lives in Suffolk; inspiring and empowering them to explore, develop and grow. To find out more about the work of the charity click here: www.lockarts.org.uk
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