About art in mind

For all enquiries please go to the contact page and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Art in Mind is delivered by Lockarts, an arts in mental health charity based in Suffolk. 

The Art in Mind project provides a rich learning experience for adults.  The courses we run bring together the arts, culture and heritage in order to contribute to people’s well-being.

We have a student advisory panel with whom we discuss all aspects of the project. We look closely at our successes and at what can be improved.

We prefer to work with small groups of between 8-10 students.  We know that being offered a cup of tea or coffee on arrival creates a warm welcome and that art is so much more than drawing and painting.

Our courses are open to those who have little or no experience but feel drawn to the creative approach  We also welcome students who have formal art training.

Even though I was told about the group being very friendly and small groups I still found it very hard getting through the door but it was 100% worth it.

Everyone is really friendly and encourages you.    Whatever work you do, it isn’t wrong.  It is your interpretation.  It feels nice to know that you/your art isn’t being judged.

For two and a half hours you kind of forget about your problems and can feel free.

At Lockarts we create together. We learn together. Nurturing and empowering our students through creative education.

We offer students a safe place where they can express themselves without fear of judgement or criticism.

Tutors at Lockarts are from professional artistic backgrounds. We wholeheartedly believe art can improve your life for

the better.

We offer all our students a welcoming environment which supports students through art.

We encourage curiosity about the world. Art can make us feel connected to the bigger picture of life and distracts us from our worries and helps focus the mind positively.






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