Gallery – puppet making

This was a new course.  Over six weeks, an array of puppets came into being.  Created from paper, bamboo sticks, foam, yards and yards of masking tape and glue, a wonderful assortment of creatures took shape.

Fascinating! I made my first puppet head! Yeah!


Smoothing out my mysterious puppet head – working with white napkin tissues and tissue paper.  It will be interesting what character will emerge!

DSC00635 DSC00633 DSC00632

Quite challenging this session – working out the body for the head – I needlessly felt rushed when actually I had plenty of time! Hands and feet still to be done


IMG_2287Completed the hands and feet – white painted the head – painted eyes and hair was fixed – so getting there!  Lovely session, fascinating to see the puppet characters emerging!

IMG_2292IMG_2289IMG_2288My last session any my puppet is almost finished.  This has been a surprising course and I have loved it.

IMG_2290IMG_2294IMG_2295IMG_2297I have never worked on puppets before so it has been very interesting to see and do aspects of puppet making,  from start to finish.  I will never look at puppets in the same way again!

DSC00703 DSC00705 DSC00707 DSC00708It has been such a privilege to learn such a unique skill as part of a supportive group and to be able to take away a finished puppet feels great

DSC00711 DSC00712 DSC00710 DSC00709I would like to say thank you to Juliet and her obvious enjoyment of her subject which has come through to me and helped me gain skills and confidence in a subject I would never have imagined I could achieve anything in let alone enjoy.

DSC00713 DSC00715

DSC00718 DSC00716


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1 Response to Gallery – puppet making

  1. Pete Watkins says:

    All so different. So characterful! Sounds like a really interesting enjoyable course. Puppets have a kind of magical presence! Well done to Juliet and everyone

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