Even though I was told about the group being very friendly and small groups I still found it very hard getting through the door but it was a 100% worth it. Everyone is really friendly and encourages you.  Whatever work you do, it isn’t wrong.  It’s your interpretation.  It feels nice to know that you/your art isn’t being judged.  For 2 1/2 hours you kind of forget about your problems and can feel free.

Absolutely loved this group and am quite sad it’s ending, big shout out to Juliet for all her hard work.  Really appreciated. 🙂


The hardest part was actually coming through the door and joining the group.  Once I was there Juliet was kind and welcoming and it didn’t matter what art experiences you had had.  Each week you did as much as you could, following Juliet with no pressure.  By the end of the course you wanted it to carry on as the weeks have rushed by and it’s over too quickly!


I think that the art group was a good way of passing the day.


If you are interested in art and wanting to so something in a small, welcoming, non judgemental environment, Art In Mind is perfect.


I think it is an easy going atmosphere enabling people to show their abilities in art! Also being a small group is a plus benefit!


You will be surprised how much the art sessions will make a difference to your confidence.  Meeting new people and having a chance to think about and look at landscape opens up your imagination and then you get a chance to have a go yourself with really good support and encouragement from the tutor.  Also we have a good laugh!




This course is set up in a very relaxed environment.  First we worked with the colour wheel and it was helpful when we painted the portraits to refer to it.  Every session Juliet was very enthusiastic and encouraged us to develop any ideas we had.  The drawing exercises e.g. left hand, without looking, upside down – helped with observational skills.  It was also good fun.  As the sessions developed it helped me to be more confident and get used to being with new people.  The venue was very accessible and welcoming.


I would highly recommend this course to others as I have really enjoyed it.  Juliet is a very good tutor and the people I have met on the course were really pleasant.  I learnt a lot and drew my first ever portrait.  Well worth giving it a go.


I would recommend this course.


I would recommend the Art In Mind courses to anyone. The group was small and supportive providing an excellent opportunity to develop artistic skills and techniques, alongside social contact, in an unpressurised situation. The tutor facilitated the tasks in an atmosphere of encouragement and praise. The sessions started off with fun activities which developed in to an opportunity to create a piece of artwork using media of our own choosing.


I would say to anyone considering attending and Art in Mind course to go for it. Initially I was anxious about being part of a group and worried about my lack of artistic ability but I needn’t have been. The group was small and welcoming making it easy to get to know everyone, and both the facilitator and the rest of the group were encouraging and supportive. I found that it wasn’t so much about creating “perfect” art as discovering and learning new things. By the end of the course I had gained in confidence and truly felt accepted as part of the group as well as being proud to have completed a final piece I couldn’t have dreamed of before attending the course.


When I first went along to the Inside Out (Community Arts) group at CSV, Ipswich, my experience of artwork was from my school days – many years ago.  From Inside Out I heard about the Art In Mind course, at Christchurch Mansion in January 2011.  I signed up for the course and attended every Tuesday afternoon for eight weeks.  Each session had a learning element; and the opportunity to create a piece of artwork – during the course.  There is a tea/coffee break and time for some social chat – the welcome is warm.  I think everyone has artistic expression – sometimes in the hidden depths – it just needs to come out!


I would really, really recommend anyone to join the Art In Mind courses.  There is a wonderful atmosphere of coming together, fun and a chance to try out activities with guidance and encouragement from the tutor.  The tutor fosters an easy respectful approach to the activities and combined with fun starting off points – I have been amazed by what I have achieved … quite effortlessly too!  Brilliant time!


I joined part way into the group but found everyone welcoming.  It has been good fun to be part of a group, taking part in a shared goal but having the space to be an individual and make art in my own style.  It has been really positive seeing everyones work progress and feeling encouraged to take part as a group.  Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended!


This course is suitable for all abilities, as you learn about materials.  It can give someone a new interest and is social, interactive and an opening to be part of the community.  It gives some relief from isolation.  It has been well worth doing.

B. V. Burnell


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